Patients Forms

Online patient forms/Questionnaire

These forms and Questionnaire are essential to diagnose the patients properly. It also helps us figure out if any other studies are necessary. Please make sure that you complete the appropriate online forms and submit it online prior to your appointment. 

- If you are a patient having symptoms such as lightheadedness or dizziness, please fill in the Dizziness Questionnaire prior to your appointment. 

First time patients

We value your time. We want to make your experience at Bay Area ENT Specialists a pleasant one. If you are a first time patient visiting our practice, please click on the files below. 

Once the file is open please print it, fill it out and bring to your first appointment. Files marked "online" are forms you can fill online and submit through the website. Please click on the file link and fill the form online. Then click the submit button to submit the form.

This will significantly reduce your time filling paper-work at our office.